Chapter 3 – The Party

After the banquet, Ji Ling returned to his chambers, collapsed on his bed, and didn’t want to move an inch.

Looking back on Carlos’ unusual behavior tonight, he still felt a little uneasy. What exactly caused Carlos to respond so differently from before?

Don’t tell me…

Ji Ling suddenly sat up, and turned pale: [He couldn’t have been reborn, right? 

System: [Reborn? 

Ji Ling smartly analyzed: [This is a common theme found in novels. Usually, a male lead or villain finds himself reborn after his failures and death in a previous life. He wants to change his fate, and reach the pinnacle of life! That’s why nine times out of ten, he’ll do things he did never did his previous life… Don’t you also think Carlos was acting abnormally? ! 

Actually, there was still one little thing Ji Ling hadn’t mentioned. In addition to changing their previous fate, these reborn characters would often dote on those who treated them well last life, but they failed to cherish back in return. But thinking on it, his relationship with Carlos last life shouldn’t fall into this category at all. At most, they were just a *black-bellied villain and a malicious cannon fodder! The only thing they had in common was colluding together to deal with Ning Yu. 

He never imagined that Carlos would fall in love with him after rebirth. That was ridiculous! Even thinking about it was scary!

The system was silent for a moment, and said: [As far as I know, this book does not contain the element of rebirth. According to your statement, a reborn character would try to change his fate by changing his actions… so do you think Carlos’ behavior today was done to change his fate? Were you so critical to his successes and failures last life? 

Ji Ling: […]

Thank you. If you hadn’t reminded me, I’d almost forgotten that I wasn’t that important.

At best, he was cannon fodder, and not someone worth Carlos’ attention. Even the whole Ji family wasn’t that important in the game played between Carlos and Emperor Sui.

Although in the last life, Emperor Sui and Brandon had gone off to kill Carlos together, Ji Ling did kind of help Carlos. In that decisive life and death moment, Carlos had miraculously fallen in front of him. Ji Ling had already been exiled to a remote location, and such an encounter was still thrown at him. Truly, an unexpected calamity from the heavens.

At that time, he looked into Carlos’ cold eyes, and saw he was at death’s door himself in that moment. If he didn’t make the right choice, death would come in a matter of seconds. Carlos was really going to kill him… How could he let himself die so inexplicably when the completion of the mission was almost at hand?!

Life and death were just one move away!

So in a flash, Ji Ling pushed down his previous grudges with Carlos, and hid him without hesitation.After worryingly dealing with the pursuers, he carefully sent off that vicious big baddie. No doubt Carlos was laughing at him then for refusing to face reality and helping a person who betrayed him and didn’t care about him. He must’ve been thinking that this boy was a big fool..

Ahem. Anyways, Carlos made a comeback soon after his escape, continued to fight with Emperor Sui and kidnapped Ning Yu to threaten the Emperor. Seeing that Ning Yu was in danger, Ji Ling couldn’t sit still anymore. Although he’d always made things difficult for Ning Yu, throwing all kinds of abuse at him, he absolutely couldn’t let him die, or else his mission would be a complete failure.

That’s why, despite the danger, Ji Ling went to see the imprisoned Ning Yu under the pretense of dishing out revenge and humiliation. He deliberately gave Ning Yu the opportunity to attack himself and escape disguised.

Ning Yu was quite smart. He hadn’t only disguised himself as Ji Ling, but also disguised Ji Ling as himself to stay in the cell, creating the illusion that he hadn’t escaped and prolonging his escape.

After Ning Yu got away, Jing Sui finally came. Carlos didn’t recognize Ji Ling disguised as Ning Yu and took him as hostage to threaten Jing Sui.

By that point, the plot was drawing to a close. At the critical moment, Ji Ling rushed out and stood in front of Jing Sui, buying him some time. Then he happily revealed his true identity and took his eternal lunch break (after he was finished off). At that time, he naively thought he could go home…

In short, although Carlos lost against the main character’s plot armor, Ji Ling’s final act obviously made him feel cheated.

Although he had such a vengeful personality, even if Carlos really was reborn, he wouldn’t come over specifically to crush him again, nor would he go through so much trouble to get him and his family on his side. After all, Ji Ling was a hardcore worshipper of Emperor Sui, and there was no way he’d betray Jing Sui! There wasn’t much value in trying to win him over.

The only plausible explanation was that Carlos came for his father, and the butterfly effect caused by the collapse of the world just led him to make other choices in the process. However, his purpose was the same as before.

Ji Ling thought of this and finally breathed a sigh of relief. How could rebirth just happen so conveniently? He really scared himself.

I was just overthinking!


Ji Ling turned off his brain, and had a relaxing sleep. The next day, he woke up groggily to a room filled with gifts. He was washing his face expressionlessly, when he received an invite from Rhodes on his communicator.

This progression was exactly the same as it was previously. After the last coming of age banquet, Rhodes also warmly invited him out to a party.

The original often attended this kind of rich kid get-together.

As a wealthy and idle aristocratic rich kid, what else could he do but eat, drink and be merry? Going out and fooling around was his daily routine, as a sinful rich man.

Ji Ling didn’t like these events very much, but he agreed after some thought. Ning Yu and Brandon hadn’t returned from the Nadeau galaxy yet, and Carlos’ intentions weren’t clear. It was better not to change the plot to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by deviations.

So an hour later, Ji Ling arrived at the party venue.

He got off the idling car and looked up at the silver sci-fi high-rise.

This was a very famous entertainment complex on the Empire Star, and also one of the imperial nobles’ favorite places to dump money… The best wine, the most gorgeous beauty… Whatever you wanted, you could have here, provided you could pay the price.

As the only son of the duke, the original was a famous rich kid, and naturally, a regular here.

Ji Ling went into the dimly lit main hall with his lips pressed together. There was a strong intoxicating smell. This kind of precious herb could make people lose themselves, also increasing pleasure of the body and the mind. It was very popular with imperial aristocrats, and only produced in small quantities with a high price. However, it was used rampantly here as if it was cheap.

The men and women dressed in luxurious clothes were gathered in twos and threes. The dim lights, indulgent men and women, and ambiguous atmosphere intertwined to create an extravagant and obscene picture unique to imperial nobles.

Ji Ling frowned unnoticeably, and was led down to Rhodes by the waiter.

Rhodes’ cheeks had turned slightly red, and his breath carried a hint of alcohol. When Ji Ling sat down beside him, he smiled and said, “We’ve been waiting for you half the day. I prepared a surprise for you today.”

After saying that, he clapped his hands, and a few beautiful men and women respectfully walked over, looking at Ji Ling with a pleasing smile.

Rhodes put his arm around his shoulder while smiling and said, “Do you like it? They’re all yours today! “

Ji Ling looked indifferent. It was just like last time. Rhodes prepared several beautiful men and women for him to enjoy and commemorate his adulthood, but pure upright Ji Ling didn’t plan on messing around here at all.

He raised his brow, glanced at several of the people contemptuously and hissed, “You dare send this kind of thing to me? I feel like you have less and less class.”

Rhodes grimaced, “I paid a lot of money to get these beauties to come from Celestial Cloud Star. Give me some face… “

Ji Ling swatted away Rhodes’ hand, raised his chin and snorted, “They can’t even hold a candle to His Majesty’s toes.”

Rhodes: “…”

“You’re still not asking them to leave?” Ji Ling leered at him and said impatiently, “I’ve told you not to do all this. I only like His Majesty. You don’t understand that yet?!”

Rhodes: “…” I thought enjoying yourself with these beauties wouldn’t interfere with your feelings for His Majesty…

But he saw Ji Ling’s expression wasn’t good, and dared not say more. He had no choice but to clap and dismiss the people.

Although Ji Ling still looked unhappy on the surface, he praised himself for being smart on the inside. Using Jing Sui as a cover at times like this was tried and true!

After all, he was so infatuated and only had His Majesty in his heart. The standard was as high as the heavens so how could he see others favorably?

The beauties were sent away, and they began to eat and drink indiscriminately. Eventually, Rhodes and several other rich kids began holding people in one arm and embracing another in the other arm. This made it very apparent that Ji Ling was the only one not like them.


JiLing absent-mindedly took a sip of wine, thinking that this invite actually helped him ward off many of the persistent bugs that flocked to him.

Take this club, for example. The beauties that served them were all top-class goods that came from all over the galaxy. They could enjoy them freely here… If a noble didn’t like one of these lower class members, or if by chance they did find one they liked, they could come here and have a go any time.

This was how the private life of imperial nobles currently went.


After continuous evolution, the average life span of imperial aristocrats was now over 500 years old, three to four times that of ordinary people. Their long life span and extravagant lifestyle made them indulge in pleasure, regardless of male or female…

In addition to marriage between man and woman, marriage between the same sex was now fair and legal! With the current technology, gender was no longer an issue hindering human reproduction. As long as there was money, even the same sex could reproduce with the help of scientific advancements.

Through evolution, the differences in physical fitness between aristocratic men and women were growing smaller and smaller. The gender differences were also decreasing continuously. According to the latest statistics, the percentage of homo and hetero marriages among imperial aristocrats had remained roughly the same for many years.

On the contrary, the backwards ordinary civilians still maintained relatively primitive living conditions and habits. Therefore, heterosexual relationships were the mainstream.

Because ordinary civilians didn’t have enough resources, it was difficult for them to evolve, and there were still many differences between men and women. They usually didn’t have enough economic strength to undergo “gene fusion reproduction with the same-sex”. That’s why they’d generally choose a more primitive and economical way of reproduction. In other words, a heterosexual marriage.

In Ji Ling’s view, after solving the issues of physical differences and offspring reproduction, imperial aristocrats had gradually evolved into a higher race with near gender equity. However, this so called equality was only within their class, and not towards ordinary civilians, as they were high above them.

For the nobles, the gender of marriage partners wasn’t the issue, the class difference was.

This was Ji Ling’s problem; He was one of noble birth and beautiful appearance living in this kind of imperial society without gender boundaries and restrictions on private affairs. Even amongst an aristocracy full of handsome men and gorgeous women, Ji Ling was dazzling and eye-catching… He was especially popular, and men and women suitors flowed in endlessly.

Whenever he thought of this, Ji Ling was very grateful that he only had Emperor Sui in his heart…

And he knew that the Emperor would never like him back. Emperor Sui always scoffed at this imperial trash that was beneath worms. He was basically not even worth acknowledgement… Ji Ling felt like he was throwing money to reblog and promote his post. As long he got the benefits, it didn’t matter if he declared love to his idol 10,000 times a day. His idol wouldn’t really love him anyway.

As he was thinking that, there was suddenly a burst of malicious laughter beside him.

Ji Ling turned to look, and he saw Rhodes and several friends looking at the holographic projection in front of him. They were pointing fingers with sarcasm and ridicule.

In the projection was a very handsome young man with short black hair, green eyes, a high nose, thin lips, and a bright expression. His straight steel gray military uniform exemplified his heroic bearing, showing off his wide shoulders, narrow waist, and long slender legs… He was arguably, a very attractive person, but not at all respected by this group of rich kids.

That was the main shou of this book, Ning Yu.

Ji Ling shook his head with a sarcastic and contemptuous smile on his face, but sighed inwardly. No matter how excellent he was, as long as he was from an ordinary civilian background, he was doomed to unequal treatment by these nobles.

Rhodes smiled and whistled with a hint of peevishness in his eyes: “Have you seen him? That’s the rising star who’s been hot in the star domains recently. He’s been big since the battle in the Nadeau Galaxy with the Bugs. The lower beings adore him and think he’s especially standing up for them. “

Another rich kid, Saunter, laughed grimly: “Those lower beings just haven’t seen the world. A mere S class evolver can make them so happy. Any more, and they’d raise him to the heavens.”

Ji Ling’s eyebrows twitched. A mere S level evolver…? He’d better be careful with his big mouth.

You had to know that even among imperial aristocrats, there were very few with an evolution level of S, and all of them were outstanding talents. Even with the current science and technology, people still couldn’t be directly upgraded to S class with an evolution agent. That’s why nobles also had to rely on their own talent and efforts.

It was said that only Emperor Jing Sui and Marshal Brandon, also known as the ‘Imperial War God,’ belonged to the most powerful level, SSS class.

Ji Ling felt that Carlos may have hidden his strength, and was actually also at the SSS class of evolution. However, due to his high status and position, he hardly needed to do things himself, so no one knew his true strength.

In any case, although Ji Ling played the role of an aristocratic rich kid, he actually admired Ning Yu in his heart.

Those who didn’t use genetic evolution agents were called natural evolvers. All of them had extraordinary potential. Ning Yu was one of those high-level natural evolvers. He could only get to where he was today by relying on his own innate strength !

Take Ji Ling for example. Although both his parents were high-level evolvers, it was hard for them to produce offspring. They finally gave birth to the original with much difficulty. However, he only had a C class constitution. It was like two phoenixes gave birth to a chicken, and a third-rate disabled child was born to normal parents. It was all because of a gene mutation…

However, Ning Yu, an ordinary civilian, had become an S class evolver using only his own talent and strength, without help from external factors. Although he could also be considered a product of gene mutation, this kind of change was no easier than going from *rags to riches,  or a mortal cultivator ascending to become immortal.

This group of rich kids who played with Ji Ling were weak trash who were all talk, with as much ability to face the world as a house made of straw.

They still had the face to laugh at Ning Yu.

A group of shining rich gold whales wasn’t as good as a hardworking F2P. How tragic.


Tsk, tsk tsk.

Although Ji Ling thought this way, he didn’t abandon his character setting. Taking in their sentiment, he said contemptuously, “What’s the point of flattering a mere S class evolver?”

Of course, Ning Yu could kill trash like us in one blow. Still, we wouldn’t be content; As long as we had one breath remaining, we would continue to swear at him.

Everyone insulted Ning Yu, the star of tomorrow highly praised in the empire, from head to toe. Then, they began discussing the imminent return of Marshal Brandon and the army. It was likely His Majesty would personally greet them.

Rhodes looked at the tall, cold man in the projection with dark red hair and silver-gray pupils, a trace of fear showing on his face. He said in a small voice: “That guy’s lucky the marshal was willing to promote him. Otherwise, as a lower civilian, how else would he have had the chance to show off in the limelight?”

Everyone knew that Marshal Brandon belonged to the minority of nobles who treated civilians equally. As a military soldier, he created no distinctions between ordinary and noble civilians, just seeing people based on their ability as soldiers. He had always disliked these scaredy-cat playboys… But they didn’t dare slander Brandon as openly as Ning Yu. Instead, they did it very carefully.

Saunter comforted himself by saying, “So what if the marshal was willing to promote him? Anyway, once he’s done in the spotlight, who’d still remember that star of tomorrow? Just let the lower links be happy for a few days.”

They nodded in deep agreement and stopped talking about this topic.

Ji Ling gave a thoughtful look. In the original book, Marshal Brandon was a devoted character. He ought to be on the battlefield getting along with NingYu, and gradually becoming attracted to him, right? Since they were coming back soon, the official plot was about to begin.

Ji Ling stayed there for a while, and took a deep breath. His nose filled with a strong smell. Rhodes and the others had already started doing some unspeakable things. His surroundings had gotten lively.

Ji Ling felt slightly dizzy and massaged his heavy head,  preparing an excuse to leave.

At that moment, a young nobleman in a black tuxedo passed by, and looked happily at Ji Ling in surprise, “Xiao Ling, so you came here as well.”

Ji Ling lifted his head, and recognized that this was one of his suitors, Nie Tianqi. He was persistent and difficult to deal with.

Ji Ling felt a little annoyed, and posed as he always did in a proud and cold way, ignoring him.

Nie Tianqi acted like he didn’t care about Ji Ling’s attitude just now. He sat down beside him with great composure. His black eyes stared at him with deep feeling: “I haven’t seen you for several days, and you haven’t returned my messages.”

Ji Ling twitched his eyebrow, and said coldly, “Go away. Don’t bother me.”

Nie Tianqi looked at the handsome and delicate side profile of the young man. His watery blue eyes looked darker than before in the dim light. His pink lips, stained with a beautiful color from drinking the fruit wine, became many times more attractive than before. Nie Tianqi’s Adam’s apple bobbed a bit, and the expression in his eyes changed. He suddenly gave a lost expression, saying: “You’ll break my heart if you say that.”

Although he said that, Nie Tianqi’s eyes were full of lustful expectation. He thought he had already shown enough patience to Ji ling, but Ji Ling had unfortunately been unmoved. Why not just use some forceful means to obtain him? After that, he could just coax him again. Ji Ling probably wouldn’t make a fuss about these kind of things outside anyway.

Bedding someone was no big deal to nobles.

Nie Tianqi thought up til this point, and his smile deepened. He softly said: “Since we’ve met up here already, it’s not too much to ask for a drink together, right? I’ll leave after this cup of wine, okay? “

Ji Ling just wanted to get rid of this guy as soon as possible. He didn’t want him pestering him for half a day like last time. Thinking it was just a glass of wine, he paused and said, “So you’ll leave after this?”

Nie Tianqi looked greedily at his beautiful eyes, slowly nodding, and raised his hand to set the glass in front of Ji Ling.

Ji Ling didn’t think much of it, and stretched out his hand, ready to take the glass…

Nie Tianqi’s heart beat faster. He looked at Ji Ling intensely and saw that he was about to touch the wine he was holding. Suddenly, a strong force knocked the glass in his hand to the ground with a crash.

Glistening wine spilled all on the floor and soon seeped into the carpet, leaving only pieces of glass all over. The fragments glimmered faintly in the dim light…

Nie Tianqi flew into a rage, wanting to say ‘Who did that?!’ As a result, he looked up to find Carlos’ deep cold eyes and suddenly shuddered. His blood turned cold with fear. He stammered out a few words: “Your Excellency, Carlos…”

Ji Ling looked up in a daze and saw Carlos standing there with his palm still in mid-air. Obviously, he was the one who knocked over Nie Tianqi’s glass just now.

How come he was here…again!