Chapter 1 – Mission Failure

The luxurious and spacious room was covered with a crimson carpet. In the middle, there was a large European-styled bed carved with magnificent flowers. The right wall was a floor to ceiling window from which there was an excellent view of the distant sea of stars.


A blonde boy stood in front of the window, quietly looking up at the beautiful stars. With a pair of jewel-like light blue eyes, his short soft golden hair sparkled as a few strands fell on his fair forehead. His lips were like a light rose kissed by the early morning. All his facial features were exquisite and flawless. He was dressed in an all black tuxedo, with a black bow tie around his neck. A thumb-sized dark blue gem was inlaid onto the tie and the gem emitted a bright radiance which made his light blue eyes shine brighter.  


Although the teenager spoke no words, his glassy eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of haze, containing a faint hint of melancholy. However, it didn’t subtract from his beautiful appearance at all; he was just like a fairy fallen to the human realm. One couldn’t help but wonder what difficulties he encountered to make him appear this way.  


However, for Ji Ling, he didn’t care how beautiful his body was, or how noble his status… The only important thing to him was why he was back again!   

He was originally just an ordinary college student in the 21st century. Not long ago, he was killed in a car accident. Then, a guy who claimed to be a system bound him, and told him that if he agreed to transmigrate into a book and complete a mission, he’d be granted a chance at resurrection.   

To a person who was killed by a car, what could be more attractive than resurrection? Ji Ling agreed to the deal without hesitation after learning that his task was only to play a malicious supporting male character in a danmei (BL) whose role was to bring together the main gong and shou in the book.  

Then he arrived in this world, and became his namesake, Ji Ling, an aristocrat in the future Interstellar Empire and an eighteen year old male.   

The original owner not only had a beautiful appearance, but also came from a very noble birth. His father, Ji Ting was one of the few grand dukes in the empire, whose status was second to only the Imperial family. Although the Ji family had gradually moved away from the center of the power struggle in recent years, he still had a very high reputation among the aristocrats. His mother, Madam Marina, was a close friend of the mother of the current Imperial Emperor. She also came from a famous and powerful family with noble status.   

After years of marriage, Ji Ting and his wife had a precious son, the original owner. Therefore, it could be said that the original stood at the top of the empire’s hierarchy from birth and had everything that ordinary people couldn’t attain all their lives. He was doted on in a myriad of ways. As long as he did not die, he would have a worry free life.   

However, the original was pampered from childhood and neglected discipline. Later, he grew up to be a typical imperial aristocratic rich kid. In this book, he played the role of a malicious supporting male character, and was also the biggest obstacle for the protagonist in pursuing true love with the shou, Ning Yu.   

The original died in advance because of an accident, so Ji Ling transmigrated to replace him. Ji Ling’s task was to replace him in the book and continue the story, playing a vicious supporting character who loved the Imperial Emperor and made things difficult for the main shou all the time.   

The current Ji Ling was born in a peaceful society. He respected seniors since he was young, loved children and was devoted to his work and friends. He was an upstanding good young man praised by all. However, when he came over here, he had to become a bully, and make everyone hate and despise him. In the end, he even had to kill himself off.

But he endured all this in order to be able to go home.   

He not only conscientiously pursued the gong, but he was also Emperor Jing Sui’s number one brain damaged suitor. He never missed a chance to suppress the main shou, Ning Yu, and he put together all the villains that could be coalesced in the book, crazily doing everything he could to create difficulties for the main pairing.   

Fortunately, his role was a vicious supporting character who was meant to be slapped in the face. He put in painstaking efforts to play his character, and whenever his evil deeds were about to come to fruition, those who liked Ning Yu would come out to slap him in the face. He fell short of success every time, so it was like committing “attempted crime,” which was not as bad!   

In this way, Ji Ling tried hard to play his role seriously. He used his stupidity and malice to show off Ning Yu’s perfection and nobleness again and again, making everyone hate himself. Seeing Ning Yu and Jing Sui warm up step by step, he almost walked into the marriage hall… Ji Ling shed tears like an old father and wanted to applaud their bumpy road to love.   

At this time, the plot was coming to an end, and he could almost leave. In the scene where the book’s biggest baddie, Grand Duke Carlos, kidnapped Ning Yu to threaten Jing Sui, he personally flaunted his strength and bullied Ning Yu, deliberately being defeated and letting him find an opportunity to escape. Then, during the scene when Jing Sui came to save Ning Yu, Ji Ling took an attack for him and died a glorious death. When he closed his eyes, his heart was extremely gratified and expectant.   

He could finally go home!   

Ji Ling reflected on whether he was serious in his work, whether he was lazy or slacked off. He worked so hard he forgot to eat and sleep to complete every task that the system gave and finish every plot in the book. In the face of difficulties, he didn’t give up, wasn’t discouraged, and continued to carry out the spirit of devoting himself to his job throughout the whole transmigration process. Even in the moment before death, he didn’t forget to add “final repentance” for the character, and lay to rest his bad feelings to bless the love of the main pair.   

So he never expected to open his eyes and find himself here…   

In this familiar room.   

He crossed back over here again!   

Not only did he fail to go home, but he returned to the original point in this world where he started the last time.   

Today was the original’s 18th birthday, his coming of age banquet. Even if he didn’t go out there, Ji Ling knew what kind of luxurious celebration was outside right now. As Duke Ji Ting’s only son was coming of age, a grand banquet was a must. The empire’s nobles all sent gifts, and were now waiting for the emergence of tonight’s protagonist.   

Ji Ling was not in the mood to go out to the banquet at all. He called out the system in his heart with low spirits.   

Ji Ling: [System, System, where are you? You better explain to me why I’m back!]

When the system saw that it could not pretend to be dead, it slowly replied: [“The mission failed, so we have to start again.”]   

Ji Ling did not accept this perfunctory answer: [Mission failure? What was the problem? The gong and shou’s relationship went smoothly, didn’t it?]   

The system said, “I don’t know. If I did, would I still need to play dead?” He remained silent for several seconds, using the same mechanical tone as before: [“At the moment, it is not possible to determine the cause of the failure. The only thing that I can confirm is is that the main characters did not get together after your death, thus leading to the collapse of the world. The mission was judged as a failure.” ]  

Ji Ling couldn’t believe it: [They didn’t get together?]   

System: [No.]  

Ji Ling: [How is that possible? Why? ]  

System: [The reason is unknown, and anything further cannot be queried due to the collapse of that world.]   

Ji Ling said with a straight face, full of displeasure: [So you don’t know the reason for the error, but you want me to complete the mission one more time. This is a waste of my time. I should’ve been home by now.   


System: [Sorry, you can only exchange for your reward if the mission was successful. ]  


Ji Ling: [But why did I fail? You can’t give me any information, but you want me to complete the mission again? ]   

The system was quiet for a few seconds and finally said: [If you refuse, we don’t have to re-do the mission. ] 


Ji Ling’s eyes lit up: [You can take me home then? ] 


System: [I have no authority to send you home, but I can let you die peacefully and painlessly, return you to your original resting place, and then choose the next host to perform this mission. ]  

Ji Ling: […]   

After a long time, Ji Ling gave a faint sigh: [I thought it over, and decided it must’ve been something I didn’t do well enough, which led to a deviation in the results. This time, I will definitely complete the mission well. I don’t think it’s necessary to find the next host. ]

System Voice Doubts: [Are you sure? ]


Ji Ling said firmly: [Of course. Who else could be more familiar with this mission than me? I’m a person who has already gone through the plot. I know the story and characters like the back of my hand. It was not a trivial matter to complete the mission. This time, success will definitely come at once. You can rest assured! ]  

At last, the system was relieved. In fact, he was not willing to find a new host. After all, it was rare to have such a dedicated host as Ji Ling nowadays. Therefore, he said in a comforting voice: “It’s wonderful that you think this way. In that case, you should go outside now. ]

Ji Ling resigned to his fate helplessly and comforted himself that it was just like losing a game and re-starting. It seems that I was too naive to think I could clear it the first run.  


Just thinking that he had to go out to face the original’s group of scoundrel friends gave Ji Ling a headache. He and this group of rich kids were really not the same type.


If the original didn’t play himself to death, he wouldn’t have to take his place in the plot. But on second thought, if the original didn’t play himself to death, then he wouldn’t have a chance of resurrection at all.


Thinking this way, living in his place was an earned right.


Ji Ling paused, took a deep breath, and pushed the door open.  


Now, the story in the book hadn’t officially started yet. At this point, the main shou, Ning Yu, was still fighting against the *bug clan in the remote Nadeau Galaxy.  


The plot of the original book only started after Ning Yu returned victorious with the army. There was still about another month. After Ning Yu returned, he would begin to play the role of the malicious supporting male character. Before this, the plot wasn’t described in hard text, so Ji Ling only needed to abide by the original rules of the world without too much restriction.   


Last life, when he had just come to this world after gaining the memories of the original, he immediately attended the coming of age banquet. He was very cautious, lest he be found out. You could even say he acted beyond cautious… This time, Ji Ling was much more comfortable, and this part didn’t involve any major characters in the book, so it was relatively relaxing.   

As a return player, Ji Ling was already familiar with his role like the back of his hand. Doing it again was not without its advantages. Ji Ling tried to be optimistic about his suffering.


He walked along the long, magnificent corridor and met the original’s father and mother on the way.  


Duke Ji Ting was a very tall and mighty middle-aged man. His facial features were deep; his chin firm, his golden hair meticulously combed back. He looked at Ji Ling with dark blue eyes and a kind smile. Madam Marina was gentle and graceful, with a delicate and beautiful appearance and a lighter pupil color. Standing beside the tall duke, she seemed very petite. Every move she made was graceful and noble.


Judging by appearances, the original inherited Duke Ji Ting’s light golden hair, but the color of his eyes, a very light and clear aqua-blue, was more like his mother’s. His features were more similar to his mother, less tolerant and bold, and more androgynous beauty. He was all the more dazzling with the air of arrogance a youth should have.   

Duke Ji Ting was usually very dignified in front of his subordinates, but in the face of his precious son, he was a big softie. His voice was much warmer than usual. He laughed: “What took you so long? Your friends are waiting for you outside. ”   

Ji Ling replied cleverly, “It took a while to change.”


Madam Marina stroked his short soft golden hair, and said with a sweet voice and a smile in her eyes: “Our little baby has grown up, and will be an adult starting today. What present would you like? ”  


Ji Ling smiled shyly at his parents. Although the original character was a bad rich kid outside, he was always obedient in front of his parents. He himself was also very fond of the Ji couple. It’s just that they spoiled their son and neglected to discipline him. No matter what others thought of him, they always loved him the most, and never gave up on him.   

Although he’d already experienced this scene once before, Ji Ling said sincerely: “Thank you, Mom and Dad. I like all the gifts you give me.”   

Madam Marina looked at her son in a doting way when she heard this, kissed him on the forehead and said, “Look at how sweet you are. Well, today you are the star. Mom and Dad dare not keep you.”  


Ji Ling smiled and followed his parents into the banquet hall. The door opened and all eyes fell on him instantly.


Duke Ji Ting politely welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming. Then, the banquet began. Everyone gathered around to congratulate Ji Ling and present the gifts they’d prepared.   

Apart from some friends and subordinates who were close to Ji Ting and his wife, the people who came today were mostly the original’s pals. They were not only the original’s friends, but also the helpers who later schemed with him and encouraged him to deal with Ning Yu.  


For example, the one Ji Ling immediately saw at a glance was a young man with gray hair and a smart appearance, Earl Sinclair’s youngest son, Rhodes. He was the same type as the original and they got along very well. In the book, his character was a small named role.  

Rhodes put his arm around Ji Ling’s shoulder and smiled, “Why did our hero come out so late?”  


Ji Ling quietly pulled Rhodes’ hand off his shoulder. He looked around with a lack of interest and said casually, “A little something kept me.”   

He watched Ji Ting and the other elders go to the inner hall, then found a place to sit down, one hand lazily supporting his chin, looking pensively at the people in the hall.  


As an experienced player this time, Ji Ling decided to quietly slack off. In the original book, he only filled an unimportant role. It was only when he made things difficult for the main character, and used his malice as a foil to the main shou’s perfection, that the author would stingily write him in ink. It didn’t really matter what he did at other times, so he had no restrictions.  

Last time, he wasn’t too familiar with the world and the rules of the mission, plus he was overly cautious about revealing the truth. Because of that, he was tired out to the max. Naturally, he wouldn’t waste his time and energy in unnecessary places this time.   

At any rate, he was an experienced person.


Ji Ling propped his chin up absent-mindedly. If someone came to talk to him, he would go through the motions and say a few words. This was the advantage of being a noble. Even if others tried to curry favor with him, he could respond or disregard as he wished, and no one would dare get angry at him.   

The table in the hall was filled with precious gifts of all kinds. Last time, it really scared him, because he was just a young man from the 21st century. Since he came from an ordinary family, how could he have seen such shocking treasures before? It was a real eye-opener. He almost lost it and slipped up, showing his ignorance. This time, however, he was very calm.   

Outlook was something that could be trained through experience.


Given the Ji family’s position in the empire and his status, it was quite normal to receive these kind of gifts. Imperial nobles were more extravagant than he imagined. Nobles had status and financial power beyond the reach of ordinary people, and monopolized important resources in nearly the entire universe. Although these gifts were precious, they were, in the end, a matter of currying favor with Ji Ting. To the Ji family, they weren’t much and could easily be *accepted.   

Ji Ling suddenly remembered…   

All of a sudden, there was a clamor of noise. Then, the door opened and a high voice announced, “Grand Duke Carlos has arrived!”   

Ji Ling was dazed for a second, and immediately stood up with a surprised look in his eyes!    

In fact, Ji Ling was not the only one surprised. The hall was quiet for a moment. Soon after, people turned to look at the door one after another, and began whispering to each other. Therefore, no one noticed Ji Ling’s blunder or if they did, felt like it was no big deal.  


At that moment, everyone’s thoughts were: “How could Grand Duke Carlos personally come himself? !”


Ji Ling’s thoughts were: “Why is the biggest villain in the book, the lifelong enemy of Emperor Jing Sui, the ruthless, unfeeling and sinister BOSS, Grand Duke Carlos, here now? He definitely didn’t come last time.”  

Although Grand Duke Carlos and the Ji family could be considered family friends, the original had to call him, **Uncle Carlos when they met. Later, Carlos and Ji Ting gradually grew apart because of their different political views.   

Ji Ling meticulously went through his memories. Last time, Carlos just arranged for his housekeeper, Anderson, to send him a congratulatory gift. That was considered courteous already, because with his status, there was no need to attend such a small time coming of age banquet in person… What’s more, the Ji family did not have the status for him.   

He was someone who could sit at the same level as the emperor.   

Although they were both dukes, Carlos was the most powerful duke of all. He had nearly as much wealth as the entire royal family, and controlled the empire’s most important energy vein. Countless imperial nobles followed his every order. He was as rich and powerful as the heavens…the ultimate villain who fought against Emperor Sui for a whole book!   

At the same time, Carlos was also the most fearsome person  in the book, and the one Ji Ling was least willing to provoke.   

Without any more time to think about it, the crowd in front of them automatically parted into a path. A refined man with brown hair and brown eyes walked towards him slowly.   

He had a beautiful and refined face, smiling gracefully and appropriately. The angle of his lips was just right, and his light brown eyes carried a faint smile. He was dressed in black formal clothing, holding a silver-black cane in his left hand, and a blue flannel box in his right hand. From across the crowd, he turned to look at Ji Ling, and the smile on his thin lips deepened slightly.   

Ji Ling suddenly closed his eyes, almost scared into taking a step back. However, he quickly pressed down his shock, and affectionately stepped forward, saying in a confused voice: “Uncle Carlos, why are you here?”   

Ji Ting also got the news, and rushed out from the inner hall to greet him. He hadn’t heard before that Carlos would come in person. Besides, hadn’t he already ordered his housekeeper to send the gifts over? What did he intend by suddenly coming here now?    

For this kind of person, every move he made had a meaning behind it. Ji Ting didn’t dare relax his guard. He stood in front of Ji Ling quietly, and gave a hearty laugh, “Today is just the birthday of this lowly one’s son. How could we have you come in person?”   

Carlos smiled and shook his head. His deep eyes were dim and his tone was gentle. “Xiao Ling also calls me uncle. How could I not come to his coming of age banquet? This is a gift I prepared for him.”   

He raised his hand and opened the flannel box in his hand. Ji Ling saw that their relationship was quite good, and thought of what happened in his last life. He smiled on the surface, but cursed him inwardly for being a shameless old thing. You still remember that I call you uncle, but in order to achieve your own goals, you didn’t hesitate to send me to the pits. Fortunately, I had pretty good luck. Otherwise, I would’ve fallen right into your hands.   

Calling you a villain is not an empty accusation.


Although he thought that in his mind, Ji Ling still smiled and looked at the box in Carlos’ hands of the box, appearing very happy to receive the gift.   

There was a tear-shaped blue gem in the center of the box. The clear light blue was flawless, as if there were water waves rippling within. It was different each time you looked at it, and gave off a new beauty from one angle to another.

Ji Ling recognized it at once. This was a gem from the bottom of Fairsand Lake on Blue Ocean Star (planet). Only after tens of thousands of years of precipitation could it be dyed with such beautiful color. Although it was an extremely precious gift, it was still not too expensive to accept.    

Clearly, Ji Ting also recognized it, and sighed in relief. He was afraid Carlos would be bringing out something difficult… Just a gem was nothing. As he was wondering what Carlos’ intentions were, he heard him speak.   

Carlos looked deeply into Ji Ling’s eyes, and his voice was deep and soothing, spreading clearly throughout the hall: “The sapphire of Fairsand Lake is as beautiful as your eyes. I thought about it several times, and decided it was the most suitable gift, so I decided to give you Blue Ocean Star. I hope you like it, my boy. ”   

“Thank you… What?” Ji Ling said with his mouth half-open, eyes wide in disbelief looking at Carlos.   

Not a sapphire, but Blue Ocean Star?! 

Blue Ocean Star was a small planet with a diameter of 12,000 kilometers. Although it wasn’t large in size, its reputation was definitely not small. The empire had numerous star domains under its command. There were countless different small planets, and many didn’t even have names, but were identified by a number. However, Blue Ocean Star wasn’t like that at all.   

In this year’s latest referendum, Blue Ocean Star was selected as one of the ten most beautiful planets in the universe. It was a famous scenic spot, and had been voted as ‘the planet you want to visit the most’ for three consecutive years. It had a long-standing reputation. If it was opened to tourism, it could easily make a fortune everyday. Truly, too valuable to describe with a price.   

Blue Ocean Star was also the most mysterious of the ten most beautiful planets, only because it was the private property of Grand Duke Carlos, and this rich owner didn’t open the planet up for tourism and development. It was also the place people wanted to visit the most but couldn’t. Everyone in the empire could only see its elegant demeanor through pictures and videos.   

Even a sapphire from the bottom of Fairsand Lake could fetch sky-high prices on the starwide web, not to mention a planet!   

This gift… was a bit too heavy.   

Ji Ling’s brain had crashed…


So when Carlos took up his right hand, and gently dropped a kiss on the back of it, Ji Ling was so stiff he forgot to move.   

After a long time, his eyelashes trembled, and he lifted his line of sight to look into Carlos’ deep eyes, shaking unnoticeably .   

Ji Ling shouted frantically in his heart: [System!!! System, you come out now! Explain what’s going on! ]