I have a person I love.
He’s my neighbor Ruka-kun, we were born at the same hospital and have been together through Elementary・Middle・High school.
Because we were born in the countryside, we’ve often played together because there were no other children.
Ruka-kun is a very strong and kind boy, he would often hold my hand, so I wouldn’t fall since I was a klutz.
Such a gentle Oujisama, I loved him.

Well, we got along in elementary school as my love for him hadn’t been discovered yet. I got estranged when Ruka-kun gradually started getting popular in the middle school.

Indeed, Ruka-kun’s appearance is beautiful.
Jet black hair and delicately carved facial features, slender and long, but appropriately masculine limbs.
Excelling in the litterary and martial arts, he’s a super boy. He’s so high-spec he causes girls to gather around him.

I didn’t want anyone to take him from me, I was self-conscious of my secret love.
Thus, my jealous heart grew painful and bitter, and there was nothing I couldn’t do.
I who is a shy person who doesn’t know what being assertive is, decided to take my last resort.

「Ruka-kun! Morning! You are lovely as always! I love you!」


I confess in a morning greeting which has become my daily routine.
However, getting ignored and briskly walking away with girls surrounding him is also the default (yes, he’s surrounded by girls).
He walked away.

Right, I’ve decided to appeal to him like this every time.
If it’s thoughts of love towards Ruka-kun, I won’t lose to anyone!
Because I’m plain and simple, I have no other appealing points.

However, every time my confession misfires, the girls surrounding him giggle at me.
I’m calm and composed in front of everyone, but as a matter of fact, I’m very embarrassed.

I crouch and hide in a shadow today as well.
My cheeks are hot, and my legs and arms start shaking.
I slap my cheeks to rebuke myself,

I open my eyes. I’m surrounded by people I don’t know.
A sphere of light sparkling like jewels under my feet slowly rises and disappears.
Looking around absentmindedly, the surroundings are characterized by a deep ocean blue stained glass.
It was so dark that I would believe it even if I was told that I was in a church deep in the deep sea, it was a place where only a blue light filtered in.

「The summoning ceremony is a success」

A beautiful silver-haired man said while shedding some tears.

To my astonishment, I’ve apparently been summoned to a different world.
The world I was summoned to was filled with evil, and I was requested to purify the different world as a hero.
Of course, they treated me well and told me I could return when everything is done.
During that time, I could not help, but think about my beloved Ruka-kun and desired to return home as soon as possible.

But, the ordinary me with no redeeming features was saving the world.
Appropriating suffering, enduring any awaiting pain.

The purification of evil was done with a holy sword.
Of course, if the area was polluted, I had to kill magic beasts and people.
Although I say that, it’s not like they die when cut by the holy sword. It cuts only evil, and the flesh will heal after the purification.

The feeling of cutting flesh didn’t disappear.
My hands became worn-out from rigorous sword practice, and I cried many times from suffering  evil mental attacks.

But, I endured the difficulties by thinking about my parents, friends, and Ruka-kun…

Besides, it wasn’t only painful things.
I made many friends, saw countless of different world sceneries and ate a lot of food… I made many fun memories.
My friends were older than I, so they taught me and admonished me a lot of times.
To think that I would make friends that I could tolerate as much as my family, no perhaps even more than my family.
I think it was the first time in my life and probably the last.

And now, I’ve been separated from such irreplaceable friends.
And returned to my dearly missed Japan.

「Something is different from usual」

「You think so?」

The air in my original world after so long feels heavy, it’s difficult to breathe.
When I descend to my nostalgic living room, both of my parents and my elder brother constantly tell me that something is different with me.
I had indeed spent ten years in a different world, but I changed my appearance back with magic.
And yet, why? I tilt my head while eating breakfast.

「Isn’t it your hairstyle? You look like an oneesan today」

「No, my hairstyle is the same as usual, isn’t it~」

My idle breakfast ends with such words, and everyone left for work or school.
I couldn’t express it in words, but I felt the burden of the summoning removed from my heart when I saw my family.

In that world, I had to live 80% of the time with my shoulders straightened.
Because I was the『Hero』, the country had to improve me as a whole.
My manners, speech, and appearance had to be strictly in check wherever I went.
Dressing up was fun, but I would rather excuse myself from being talked to by random passersby.
By the way, from the remaining 20% of my time, 10% I spent in my room and another 10% I spent camping with my companions.

I hear a sparrow singing in the mild weather of the morning.
I’m dressed for the first time in a while in light clothes, my uniform, I hum while walking.
The everyday way to my school is vague, but I still remember it.
Overwhelmed by nostalgic feelings, I finally realize that I have returned to peace.

The air of this world is of poor quality, but it’s very peaceful, and there’s no life-endangering mission to run.
That world was a very nice place, but after all, being in my birthplace with no restricting social status, gives me the feeling of freedom.

As I arrive at the school, I greet my classmates I vaguely remember.
I greeted friends while suppressing the rising tension.
While they probably greeted me as usual, I forgot which of the seats was mine.
You are joking, right? They told me while laughing.

I met Ruka-kun after ten years.
He stood in the school hallway.

I thought I might cry when I met him.
Because I missed and missed him so much, he was part of my heart’s support during all those rough times.
Though, I couldn’t even go and greet him in his class (Of course, I forgot which class he’s in).

But, I have this extremely mysterious feeling.
I can’t seem to overflow with embarrassment, passion, and happiness like before.
No, I love him? I feel nostalgic and happy when seeing him.
But, I’m not thinking I want to protect, love, and embrace this person from the bottom of my heart!
It’s almost as if I was dressed in clothes soaked in lukewarm water.

This is incredibly mysterious, somehow, u~n…
The tension doesn’t increase.
Almost as if it was a wonderful place in the different world that disappointingly turned into a wasteland when I arrived.
H- Hey~ what happened to me?? Am I nervous after such a long time!? Let’s put more spirit into it!!
Even though I was so happy to see him my cheeks became hot just a while ago!!

「M- morning~ Ruka-kun」

When I interact with an awkward expression and unskillful smile (Even though smiling was my specialty),
Ruka-kun displeasingly ignored me, pulled on a nearby beauty’s hand dragging her away with long strides.

In an instant, my awkward smile turned into a wonderful smile.

U, uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, na, na, nai wa~!!!!!
What was that just now!? Even though he saw his childhood friend after so long… no, it’s different for him!
No, nevertheless, that’s not an attitude to make towards a childhood friend, right!!?

「Fu, fuu~ calm down, calm down, me」

After murmuring for a while, I took a deep breath.
When I breathed a lot of air in, a lot of polluted air, I choked.

「Cough, cough! U, uu~」

And, whether it was the result of choking or entirely different cause,
A large tear dropped on the floor.

「M- my feelings of love, they’ve disappeared…」

I finally realized why it felt completely different from before my time in the other world.
My feelings of love have wilted after those ten long years.






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