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The Villains all Fell in Love with Me after Rebirth – In Trouble

I will no longer be posting my translation for this LN on Novel Updates anymore.

I didnt mean to upset anyone.

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Fortunate Wife Discontinued

Another translator began translating ‘Fortunate Wife’ when I wasn’t paying attention! Dropping chappie after chappie like this cat with the box of papers! Got me by surprise.

I didn’t drop the novel translation or stopped translating it for over a month, but whatever. I don’t have to translate it anymore to read it so thats great, right?

I’ll have to prepare the big drop of LN’s for you soon~

Quick question, anyone still interested in ‘I Am My Wife’?


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NEW BOOKS in the Light Novel section!

Hiya guys.

As you can see, there are twenty new light novels soon to be released on this site under the light novel page.

Sadly, there are no chapters or pages made for them just yet. Soon though, there will be.

For now i’m concentrating on translating ‘I Am My Wife’ and ‘Fortunate Wife’. (as you can see i’m totally in love with wife books)

Hope you like them!

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2 Unlocked Chappies – Fortunate Wife!

I totally forgot to open the 2 locked chapters of fortunate wife so someone got pissed at me. Plz calm down you know who (If you’re still lurking)

As I previously mentioned, I got a lot on my mind and exams to get through for this week and the last one so please just kindly remind me if you can’t wait anymore. Don’t send threatening messages.

Anyways. Go get those chappies!



My Life

Why I haven’t been updating much lately

Dear bookworms,

You might be wondering why I haven’t been posting much these days. We~ll, it’s cause I’ve began a new school semester and my beautiful, loving and thoughtful teachers decided to give me a whole lottery of homework (how nice of them).

So in short, school has completely crushed the original schedule I had originally made in summer. I’m sorry for not being consistent with the wonderful stories of “I Am My Wife” and “Fortunate Wife” (please blame my teachers), I’ll get back to updating them gems as soon as possible.

But first, I thought that I needed to get better at managing my time. So I brought out this big monthly monthly planner whiteboard that’s been gathering dust in the corner of my room since…uh~ years? Anyways, now I’ll be scheduling the updates according to my free time (heh, I got a magnifying glass for that).

Once I’ve scheduled myself, I feel that I need to think a little farther about this blog and where I want to go with it…

Then I’ll update.

But school comes first for now lovelies!

How has your back-to-school been?